• Rich Bradbury

What is a Ranch?

A ranch is an idea

With a farm, there are roots and boundaries.

Cattle are not governed by place.

Some cows, a horse, and trailer and pick-up are enough to start #ranching. I recommend a dog or two.

I have drug my saddle across the world; Oregon, Nevada, California, Nevada, and Russia, and with me, go the tools and knowledge to begin a ranch.

And while we share many common bonds with farmers, a rancher's perspective of the business of agriculture is different because of the mobility of cows.

And while it is trendy to smirk and poke at ranchers for not calling their operation a farm. "Only in America are there ranches; they are just like all other farms, ridiculous to have a special category."

I think the same could be said of Stations in Australia, they are very un-farm like, also.

It shows a complete lack of understanding of the philosophical perspective of the two businesses.

The early morning horseback musings of a guy ranching miles away from electricity and human structures. But amazingly good Internet on just the right high spot.

#regenerativeagriculture #grassfed #sustainability

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