• Rich Bradbury

Dirt (soil) Under Your Nails Heuristic

I'm introducing a new heuristic. A practical guideline for people that worry about the future of food in America and the world currently. People that want to be taken seriously by people that are growing food.

A map to having a positive impact. I think I'll call it the " Dirt (soil) Under Your Nails Heuristic" just a working title, for now, I'm open to new suggestions.

It goes like this;

If you are having a conversation about the "fixing" or "redesigning" the future of agriculture, and there isn't a person in that conversation that owns a farm, ranch, cow, horse, tractor, or even a chicken, you are just talking.

Jefferson said, "…cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. they are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, & they are tied to their country & wedded to its liberty & interests by the most lasting bands."

They are also the most vital ingredient for fixing agriculture now and going into the future, so it makes no sense to tackle these problems without the voice of farmers or ranchers.

Agriculture is a much different beast than disrupting taxis (uber), or hotels (Airbnb), an app don't do-- it is going to take a percentage of grounded generational knowledge.

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